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Mary’s Story

Published 18/05/2020

I was in London babysitting from the 26th March before the lockdown. On the 29th I had stomach pains and diarrhoea part of the day and lost my sense of taste.

The next day we drove back to Durham and I was shivery, exhausted, with a headache and just felt lousy. The following day I experienced a cough and was so tired and my muscles were aching. I stayed in bed and it was at this time my husband and I slept in separate rooms .

The following 2 days my chest was tight at night and the cough was worse but after a few days I felt I was recovering. The following week I felt better but was still more fatigued than normal and breathless on minor exertion.

The following week I developed a persistent cough again and this time it quickly became productive with green sputum, tight chest and wheeze. I had a course of antibiotics and things improved a little but the cough continued to be very persistent, severe and waking me at night with the wheeziness and minor breathlessness ( I have no history of asthma.) After 3 weeks of coughing I improved but again after a further few days I developed a sore throat, slight dry cough and headaches.

I feel a little better now and am walking but as a keen walker I am more breathless on slopes etc still. I am glad I found this forum because I began to believe I was becoming a hypochondriac!