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We’re a small team of collaborators that wanted to do something constructive to help those that are in recovery from the Covid-19 virus. The impact of the virus across the globe has been rapid and far reaching. All of us are struggling to keep pace with developments, from the recovery process of the infection itself, to the economic consequences of the virus and also the sociological impact of lockdown.

We started this collaboration as a token action towards helping those that are in recovery from Covid-19, in the hope that by encouraging people to share their own experiences of recovery they can instil some reassurance in others of potential expectations. Through this sharing of experiences, we might see some similar patterns of recovery and also provide an opportunity to share any knowledge or actions that might have helped others to deal with the personal impact of the infection on their health.

To be clear, despite some of our team working within the medical profession, this site is not a resource for those seeking professional medical advice. At all times we would encourage and direct those seeking further medical advice to contact their nearest healthcare service, be that their local GP or if required, their local A&E department at their nearest hospital, or seek further advice from the NHS 111 service.

Over time these shared stories might be used to form the foundations of more formal research project into recovery journeys, depending on the volume of responses, but also the insight gained from the data collected. Should this platform evolve into providing this service we will make this explicit to any users of this site. Anyone submitting a story now should be aware of this potential use of the data they submit

If others are interested in getting involved in the collaboration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a rationale of your interest and some background as to how you might be able to help.

Your collaborative team

Jane Ireson

I qualified as a nurse in 2003 and have since worked in London and Sheffield where I have specialised in cancer care, currently working as a Clinical Academic Macmillan Nurse Specialist. But I am also a patient with Covid-19 looking for reassurance and support from fellow patients at this difficult time. I’m hoping that this site will provide a means for us to support each other and share stories. As a researcher as well as nurse, I believe in the power of our patient stories to bring to life the lived experience of any illness, so it can help us learn about Covid-19 in a more meaningful way.

Twitter – JaneIreson

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Ed Richardson

I’m technologist with a keen interest in human behaviour and positive actions. A mixed background of technology deployment and various forms of research. I wanted to get involved in this collaboration to assist with the technology around this resource, but was also driven by a desire to help others with their recovery and to gain a greater understanding in how others are dealing with the health impact of the virus. I may or may not have had the virus, but without reliable antibody tests available, is unable to confirm. But I haven’t suffered heavily with ill health from the impact of the virus, if indeed infected.

Twitter – @Ed_Richardson

Our Research Funding Partner

The research aspect of this website and the team associated with the analysis has kindly been supported through funding from Sheffield Hospitals Charity, without which this essential research would have never commenced. We thank Sheffield Hospitals Charity for their support in making the research happen.

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