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Below is a list of resources that we’ve found since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that we’ve found useful. If you’ve got other resources that you’d like to share with us, feel free to get in touch either via the contact form or on our info@ email address. Covid-19 rehabilitation and recovery are in the early stages of understanding. Our colleagues are rightly focusing on treating new patients and preventing new infections. There is a lot to learn, with many pieces of the jigsaw still to be found.

Advice for patients with post Covid syndrome – Patient Safety Learning

An brief PDF publication to reassure patients about approaching their health care practitioner or GP with post Covid syndrome or long Covid symptoms provided by the Patient Safety Learning hub.

Mental health advice hub – Rethink Mental Illness

A helpful resource of mental health advice following and during illness with Covid 19. Provides localised help based on locality, managing anxiety help and advice on financial support. Provided by the Rethink Mental Illness charity.

Post Covid Fatigue – ME Association

A helpful and detailed resource for those suffering from fatigue during their Covid recovery from the ME Association. This includes energy management, sleep, symptom relief, nutrition and many other helpful topics.

Managing Fatigue – CRESTA Clinic & AWRC

A series of very helpful collaborative videos from the CRESTA Clinic and the AWRC RICOVR centre on managing fatigue whilst recovering from Covid. There are 4 videos that make up the series, the links to each are below:

Fatigue Video – Episode 1 – Introduction

Fatigue Video – Episode 2 – Managing Daily Energy

Fatigue Video – Episode 3 – Self Care

Fatigue Video – Episode 4 – Fatigue Q & A

These are relatively long videos, roughly around 16 mins each, they recommend watching these in bite size chunks.

Covid Recovery – Moving Medicine

Some friendly resources, from helpful daily reminders to be kind to yourself to bed exercises, standing exercises and the general benefits of movement. From Moving Medicine.

Support for rehabilitation and self-management – The World Health Organisation

Support for rehabilitation and self-management – a series of exercises, eating tips, managing stress and dealing with cognitive issues, amongst others. Brought together by the The World Health Organisation as a PDF.

The Road to Recovery – The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

A helpful culmination of resources from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. From breathlessness tips, to strength exercises and other helpful links.

Pregnancy advice during Coronavirus – The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

A helpful resource giving advice for those pregnant during the Coronvirus pandemic from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Resource includes advice on what to do if you fall ill during pregnancy, the latest information on how it might affect your pregnancy and baby and advice that for those that might be higher risk of serious illness whilst pregnant.

How to look after your mental health during Coronavirus – Mental Health Foundation

An extensive resource from The Mental Health Foundation on how to look after your mental health during coronavirus. Covering a broad range of subjects from finance worries, talking to children about Covid, mental health tips and returning to work.

Weekly Recovery Planner – Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

A helpful week by week activity planner template from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to help you plan your energy levels against activity during your recovery. Simple and easy to use.

Coronavirus and your mental health – MIND

An extensive resource from Mind about Covid-19 and your mental health. Covering a wide variety of issues relating to mental health, from mask anxiety, coping with going into work, to coronavirus and your personal wellbeing.

Conserving Energy – Royal College of Occupational Therapists

A really helpful and practical article on conserving your energy during your recovery from Covid, from the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

A suggested yoga programme for Covid recovery – Iyengar Yoga UK

A series of suggested recovery yoga exercises to help those recovering from Covid-19 from the Association for Iyengar Yoga in the UK & Republic of Ireland.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What your risk means for you – Crohn’s & Colitis UK

A resource for those with Crohn’s or Colitis, on level of risk of complications from COVID-19, and what you should do as a result. Advice on what action to take depending on medication, age and other risk factors

What IBD patients should know about Covid – Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

A review for IBD sufferers on what they should know in relation to their health and SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), covering hygiene considerations, symptoms, reliable sources of information and testing.

Physio rehabilitation resource for Post Viral Fatigue – Physio’s for me

A helpful new resource from UK based Physio’s for me on Post Viral Fatigue. A 30 minute video gives an overview of Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and its link to ME and management priorities. With many physiotherapists redeployed from the front-line services, and attentions shifted to the rehabilitation of survivors.

Global research programmes – Recovery Awareness

A list of recovery research projects happening around the world for those in recovery from Covid, most are still recruiting for new participants.

Your Covid Recovery – NHS

A new NHS resource hub for those recovery from Covid. Covering details on managing the effects, your wellbeing and a road to recovery section.

Personalised Wellbeing Plan Templates – National Academy for Social Prescribing

A series of helpful templates from the National Academy for Social Prescribing to use to assist those in recovery from Covid-19 in detailing information they might feel themselves repeating often to those supporting them during their recovery, about their health, medication, reasons for self-isolation etc.

I remember – Poetic Memories of walks- Alec Finlay

Using Joe Brainard’s I remember poetic forms, Alec Finlay recounts his memories of a way of living walks with others whilst he self-isolates during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A timely reflection on those most affected by Covid-19 – Alec Finlay

Poet and artist Alec Finlay offers a timely reflection on the coronavirus crisis, the invisibility of disabled people and the absence of our voices in the face of what society could learn from our experience if there was less of a drive from the mainstream media to bury its heads in the sand.

Audio Walks in Nature – Alec Finlay

Two beautiful audio walks composed by Chris Watson, as part of Alec Finlay’s year-long residency with Paths for All, 2020. These two audio walks are shared as a free resource for people self-isolating during the Coronavirus crisis. They offer imaginative access to Highland environments.

Post Covid Recovery Pack – Homerton NHS Hospital

A patient information pack helping you to recover and manage your symptoms following Covid-19 for the NHS Homerton University Hospital

Money & financial advice for those with Covid – The Money Advice Service

An excellent financial advice resource for those with Covid from The Money Advice Service. With advice ranging from different working scenarios, managing debt and mortgages, financial planning, help with rent and much more.

Diet and nutritional advice – British Dietetic Association

A wide variety of advice about diet and nutrition from the British Dietetic Association, including specific advice for those suffering from pre-existing health conditions.

Nutritional advice for Covid patients – Managing Adult Malnutrition

An excellent hub of resources around nutritional advice for Covid sufferers, based around your specific requirements and recovery pathway

Covid Knowledge Resource – UK Research & Innovation

An excellent knowledge resource from UK Research and Innovation. Explaining the virus itself, viral outbreaks vaccination, diagnose and treatments.

Under the radar, long term Covid sufferers – Huffington Post

The growing number of long term sufferers from Covid-19 and the symptoms that continue for weeks or months are still going unrecognised.

Promising news on Human Immune Response – ScienceMag

Research into vaccine development is pointing towards promising results for the future.

Some Covid-19 patients aren’t getting better – NBC News

A article featuring a number of patients based in the US that simply aren’t getting better. Call for research into symptoms, recovery and review of some advice on recovery tips.

Why is everyone testing negative for antibodies? Run DMC – YouTube

A video explanation of why people are potentially not developing antibodies affect becoming infected with Covid-19

Recovery Advice Animation – Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

A short animation on recovery and helpful tips on how to develop and track your progress.

Insight – Why don’t antibodies guarantee immunity – Medical Express

Overview of the key facets of the human immune system and why it might be that developing antibodies doesn’t necessarily guarantee immunity.

Petition to change the guidelines about recovery period for Covid-19

A online petition to encourage the World Health Organisation, CDC and NHS to formally recognise the longer term recovery window from Covid-19

Not just an acute infection – Forbes

A review of some of the long term symptoms those with Covid-19 are suffering from.

Prof. Paul Garner Covid-19 Recovery at 14 weeks – The BMJ

Read Professor Paul Garner’s update on his recovery from Covid-19 at 14 weeks and the symptoms he continues to experience and the gradually acceptance of suffering from post viral fatigue.

A 12 week journey of recovery – The BBC

Read Callum O’Dwyer, a 28 year old with no under lying health symptoms, 12 weeks recovery journey, that is still continuing.

Can Covid-19 lead to post viral fatigue – Run DMC

A video account of recovery from Covid-19 and a review of post viral fatigue and it’s association with Covid-19.

Living with the long term impact – The Independent

A series of accounts from long term sufferers of Covid-19 and the post viral fatigue and reoccurring symptoms that come with it. Requires you to login to read the full article.

Post viral fatigue and conserving energy – Royal College of Occupational Therapists

Royal College of Occupational Therapists provide tips and practical guides on post viral fatigue and conserving your energy, for both those that have been hospitalised and those that have recovered at home

One in ten suffer post viral effects – i news

One in ten COVID-19 patients are suffering from post viral effects, researchers expect this is going to cause a big problem in the future

Will my symptoms ever end – The New Republic

A patient story from the United States on the long haul of diagnose with health care professionals, the developing long lasting symptoms and the hope for recovery

How long does COVID-19 last inside the body – National Geographic
Covid Symptoms Study App – ZOE

A wealth of information and data relating to covid-19 symptoms and recovery.

Covid can last for several months – The Atlantic

Those that have virus for several months, the “long-haulers”, describe their symptoms and the disbelief of their friends.

Four different accounts of Covid-19 recovery – The Guardian

Different people suffer different affects from coronavirus, some lasting months. A wider range of symptoms seem to be displayed than the NHS guidelines are currently stating.

Medical observations about Covid-19 – BBC

Unusual symptoms and outcomes, clinicians from ICU’s from across the UK, recount the unexpected findings of the virus in patients

Multiple accounts of different, long tail, recoveries – The Guardian

Variety of people tell of symptoms coming and going weeks after falling ill, even in mild cases

Life after covid-19 – recovery journeys – WebMD

A series of recovery journeys from different patients, as doctors start to analyse recovery journeys from different patient profiles

The long tail form of Covid-19 – Prof. Paul Garner – The Guardian

Researchers keen to work out why some people are suffering from ‘long tail’ form of the virus

12 Things I Wish I had Known Before I Got Sick With Covid-19 – Medium

A long form read on a Medium author on recovering from Covid-19

Will covid-19 sufferers face a lifetime illness – Daily Mail

Coronavirus complications could leave survivors with debilitating illnesses that last for years, doctors claim after professor who treated PM calls disease ‘the new polio’

Medical mysteries of covid-19 – Financial Times

The wide variety of Covid-19 symptoms seen by doctors is confounding the scientific community

The long term effects of Covid-19 explained – Vox

The emerging long-term complications of Covid-19, explained.

Supporting your recovery – Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

This resource has been developed by a group of multi-disciplinary health professionals at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals. The purpose of the website is to support patients with their initial recovery once discharged from hospital following treatment for COVID-19.

Post-Covid Hub – By Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation

For people left with breathing difficulties after COVID-19, their family members, carers, healthcare professionals, policy-makers and researchers.

Very, very mild symptoms – Somatosphere

‘A large portion won’t notice that they have it’. ‘Another substantial portion will have very, very mild symptoms’. ‘A small portion will have a very significant reaction’

Coronavirus Is Leaving People With Serious Fatigue – Huff Post

Is it post viral fatigue, as some suggest, or an ongoing symptom of Covid-19 and signs of a longer recovery time?

How Covid-19 attacks the body

Damage to the kidneys, heart, brain — even ‘covid toes’ — prompts reassessment of the disease and how to treat it

BBC Radio 5 interview with Prof. Paul Garner

”I thought I was dying, I thought this is it” Professor of infectious diseases, Paul Garner, suffered with the symptoms of Coronavirus for seven weeks, he told @chriswarburtonabout his experience…

Longer than expected recovery – Prof. Paul Garner – BMJ Opinion

Paul Garner, professor of infectious diseases at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, discusses his experience of having covid-19

What recoveries look like – New York Times

Article on the complexities of recovery and dispelling the myth that there’s a standardised recovery for everyone.

Recovery Expectations – WebMD

Some guidance from WebMD on expected recovery times, based on severity of illness.

Question and Answer style article with Dr Bharat Pankhania on Covid-19 Recovery

Exercise or bed rest? How long before returning to work? And are there any lasting effects? Question and Answer style article with Dr Bharat Pankhania on Covid-19 Recovery

World Health Organisation – Report on Chinese experience

A World Health Organisation Report from February 2020  based on the Chinese experience states that median time from onset to clinical recovery for mild cases is approximately 2 weeks and is 3-6 weeks for patients with severe or critical disease.

Post viral fatigue and recovery – ME Association

A helpful PDF guide to Post Viral Fatigue – what to expect and how best to deal with it.

NHS UK – Mental wellbeing whilst at home

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home because of Covid-19

Mental Health UK – Managing your Mental Health

Managing your Mental Health during the epidemic, whether self isolating or social distancing.

Dr. James Gill – Warwick Medical School

This piece of expert advice has an undoubted focus on the more severe cases of Covid-19 but there is a welcome focus on a full body approach to recovery and rehabilitation, including the physical and emotional consequences of this disease.