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Ali’s Story

Published 18/05/2020

My partner became ill on March 11 (he had recently been cycling in Lanzarote and works at Lancaster university so in retrospect it is very likely he caught the virus) – he had a high fever for 24 hours and flu-like symptoms but no cough – at the time corona virus was all about having a new cough which he did not have so we put it down to “man-flu”.

5 days later I became poorly with muscle aches, shivering and generally feeling awful – we presumed I had also caught the same bug. Again I had no cough. I took copious amounts of paracetamol and soldiered on as I had school trips to run that week.

3 days later, I started with a new cough, still felt dreadful and my school closed due to pupil and staff sickness 2 days before the nationwide school closure. Following this, the adrenaline all stopped and I took to my bed feeling dreadful. I had no appetite, no sense of smell or taste, a cough, and really painful glands in my neck. I didn’t even phone the doctor as knew no tests were available.

A week later I felt better enough to take a short walk and started back on with life – online teaching, home-schooling, shopping etc. I still didn’t feel 100% but thought I was recovering. A week after that I decided I was much better and went out on my bike for some fresh air for an hour – but following that I was utterly exhausted and spent the next 24 hours back in bed.

It is now 9 weeks since I first became poorly. I think week 3-6 were pretty good – managed a steady jog or cycle each day and thought I was getting stronger and generally felt I was better and over it. However in week 7 I became poorly again with an underlying tooth infection that flared up and had to have antibiotics. I just got over this and then got a urine infection. My glands have been painful and swollen again and some days I feel really exhausted even though I am sleeping more than I would normally. Headaches have also come and gone. I haven’t had any more antibiotics for the urine infection yet as it comes and goes – good days and bad days.

I’m now resting a lot more. It is really good to read other people’s stories that tell a similar tale – and definitely convinces me I have had this virus and am still recovering.