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Mary's Story

Mary’s Story

Published 04.11.20

Developed cough and itchy eyes in last few days of March. Quickly followed by headaches, tiredness and fatigue, pyrexia 39C. Phoned NHS111 and spoke to with clinician who diagnosed Covid 19. Told would need to get tested. Explained I was nurse on staff bank and advised to contact line manager to arrange test. This was duly done. Following day line manager called me to say OH needed more details. Never heard anymore about testing after this.

Mid May after much to-ing and fro-ing spoke to GP. He stated that I had definitely had Covid and arranged for me to be seen at Hub. He also prescribed antibiotics and steroids as cough was still evident and persistent. Told i was fit to RTW about week later. Contacted line manager and was told I would have to shield due to having had steroids more than once in last year. Advised to get GP to issue letter to state this as per shielding guidelines.

He refused as he said i did not come into any of the shielding categories. Explained this to line manager who said she would contact OH and do risk assessment. After completing the requisite time period for shielding I again contacted line manager about RTW. She appeared to have forgotten anything she had said in our conversations. Completed a Risk assessment over phone and returned to work doing only x1 short shift at beginning of August.

Tiredness and fatigue continued throughout this time. Most senior staff were happy for me to do short shifts as desperate for staff and supportive of my needs. However, by start of September developed shortness of breath, ankle oedema and extreme tiredness and fatigue.

Contacted GP and he diagnosed long Covid symptoms. He ordered ECG, Bloods, CT Lung scan and referral to Respiratory team for second opinion.

All investigations have come back normal. Awaiting appointment for Respiratory.