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Adam's Story

Adam’s Story

All started with two weeks of major bed bound fatigue with chest pains the radiated to my back between shoulder blades. Heart pressure pains. Hospital visit had X-ray, blood and ecg all clear. Mild temp at 37.5 degrees C.

Started to feel slightly better but then started with bad GI pains and acid reflux that caused hoarse voice, lump feeling in throat, burning throat, mouth, fullness feeling with pain in ears, causing dizziness head pressure, fainting, nausea, diarrhoea, retching and insomnia. Began to loose weight rapidly over a stone in two weeks. Anxiety levels intensified and was have adrenaline rushes causing panic.

Was put on 20mg omeprazole, changed my diet to high PH one, starting taking one capsule of CBD oil from Holland and barret. Bought an iqoro training device for building up muscle in the digestive system. All got so bad with sleep went on zopiclone for a week to help with sleep. Developed thrush in mouth and coughed up blood after a shower. Back to A and E had more tests same as previous visit X-ray etc all clear. Put on 40mg omeprazole, given oral thrush medical solution.

Swabbed for covid now the 6th May. Obviously negative but was never given the result. Paid for an antibody test finger brick, came back negative. Slowly started to see improvements with Reflux and stomach pains. To this day I’m still not fully back at work. I have more neurological symptoms now with headaches frequently, taste is affected. I’ve had high and really low heart rates, but they have improved more so the high heart rates.

Anxiety levels have dropped, I’m on no meds now, except for gaviscon, paracetamol and ibuprofen when needed. Left with sleep disturbance, get extremely dry nose and throat with lots of mucus in morning. 1 Loose stool every morning on waking. Cut out sugar, alcohol and limited caffeine. Some days still get extreme muscle aches with fatigue. Can walk good distances but I’d do anymore than walking I suffer for it afterwards. Sleep is the key to getting better, keeping hydrated.