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Claires Story

Clare’s Story

Published 08.01.21

One day back in Oct I couldn’t get warm didn’t think anything about it then the next day I woke with a cold, late that day I couldn’t smell much but again put it down to a cold. It was only the next day when all smell and taste had gone that I thought to myself I had best get checked just to be safe.

I had to wait three days for the results and in that time I was just extra tired aching etc. Basically like the flu. As I was working from home I carried on working albeit I was shattered by the end of the days.

After my isolation period I tried to get back to normal only I couldn’t shift the tiredness. I was literally exhausted each day. Then after a few weeks I the symptoms started, palpitations were strong each and every day just constant (and still are to this day) fatigue was awful tiring doing anything , breathless just putting a wash into the machine or mopping the floor. I used to walk miles each day wirhout breathing heavy, no way I can now. Then the chest tightness and heaviness started in the centre of my chest that’s there most of the time, along with a kind of aching feeling in my lungs at the back then about a week later my neck and back were so sore like I’d pulled a muscle. I called the doctor and was sent to a&e, they did chest X-ray bloods ecg etc. Ecg came back slightly abnormal but all chest and bloods clear. They said they were referring me to long Covid clinic and to cardiology. After a wait I got my appointment I had to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours and only last week I had an echo scan. Currently waiting for the results.

I am nearly 12 weeks now with three symptoms and don’t feel any better, it’s so hard getting up each day hoping and wishing when you open your eyes you will feel good with no symptoms just for a day. Each day gets harder I feel so low at the moment and don’t feel people understand, you get the feeling people think your putting these symptoms on or exaggerating them. I can guarantee I’m not. I just to feel normal again and feel healthy and happy