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Stuart's Story

Stuart’s Story

I first started to display symptoms of COVID on March 17 2020, initially extreme tiredness and fatigue. Around 3am on the 18th I awoke with a high fever, shaking, shortness of breath, chest pain, aches all over my body, total fatigue, terrible headache and the worst sore throat I’ve ever had. I was ill with these symptoms for 11 days.

After I recovered from the initial illness I have struggled with lasting symptoms. For about six months I had regular migraines and bad headaches, sleeping problems, brain fog, aches in my lower legs, shortness of breath whenever I try to do anything remotely exerting, and fatigue. I’m now nine months post the initial illness; I still get migraines and bad headaches (though thankfully not as frequently), the muscle pain persists as does the shortness of breath and fatigue.

Additionally, I have also noticed a change in my appetite. There are certain things I used to like that I just can’t face now. I also am/was a real ale fan, however every time I drink a beer post COVID I feel immediately bloated, nauseous and develop a headache.