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Michelle’s Story

Published 10.10.20

My symptoms came on very quickly on Tuesday 7th of April. Firstly I noticed my joints were aching then a few hours later I woke in the night with a severe sore throat, cough & temperature above 39 degrees.

By the next morning my head was pounding and I could not stop coughing. My manager organised for me to get a test through occupational health. I went the following morning (Thursday) and got my results 48 hours later.

For 4 days I could not get my temperature down, I had to get my husband to help me from my room to the toilet as I felt very weak, dizzy and breathless. I had to phone nhs 24 on the Saturday as my breathing was getting worse. I was advised I had a chest infection secondary to covid and was given antibiotics.

I was off work for 3 weeks. I have continued to suffer from fatigue, never got rid of my cough or breathlessness and have experienced pain in my joints, mainly my thumbs and wrists. I cannot enjoy long walks with my dog like I used to without becoming breathless. My GP has recently given me an inhaler to help with this.