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Jake's Story

Jake’s Story

My long-covid timeline is as follows:

  1. Starts April 27th : 2 weeks conventional respiratory covid, with difficulty breathing and resulting in chronic right lung infection/cytokine
  2. Followed by 2.5 months of permanent 24/7 headache; mild and medicated daily by Ibuprofen but causing intermittent mobility and breathing diminishment through impacts on co-ordination.
  3. Followed by 6 weeks of cytokine inflammation on the heart which caused total incapacitation, requiring long periods of rest
  4. Followed by 5 weeks of cytokine inflammation in the spleen and liver, again causing total incapacitation, requiring long periods of rest
  5. Followed by 2 weeks on-going mild gastro-intestinal numbness and nausea
  6. Concurrent return of cytokine/infection in right lung – ongoing.

Audio hallucinations experienced during the first 2 weeks and then the following 7 weeks i was incapacitated.

Continuous, intermittent testicle pain and numbness experienced for the last 3 months.

No/slow healing lesions on hands and fingers occurring through-out and accompanied by tensed/taught veins in the lower arms during the last weeks.

Over all mental health decline, with growing symptoms of PTSD, despair and alienation primarily propelled by long periods sick in isolation, reactions to mass social covid-idiotism and what was felt to be the continued denial and negligence of long-covid sufferers by national bodies.

Chronic Fatique Syndrome started to manifest classic symptoms during the last 4 weeks

The active long-covid has possibly started remission during days 147-160 but it’s still not assured.

I’m left with the prospect of a 4-6-10-12 month covid-recovery period due to impacts on my health whilst the covid was active.