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Linda's Story

Linda’s Story

Published 25.03.21

On 10th April 2020 I became very ill and I straight away knew It was Covid-19 because I was working on the Covid-19 wards.

I got so scared for myself and my kids. That weekend I thought I was going to die. I live with my 3 sons I told one of them to check on me and to tell his brothers not to come in my room.

I had all the symptoms temperature was 38.9c for days . My chest was killing me, I couldn’t stand due to the pain I had all over my body ooh it was terrible. I spent 4 weeks in bed. The paramedics came to see me in the second week because the pain in my chest was not improving they gave me some strong pain relief.

After all that I went back to work but I was still suffering from joint pains, muscle pain, fatigue, palpitations brain fog, chest pains, sore throat. I was on and off sick and as if it was not enough I got Covid-19 again in January 2021 and went back to square one. I am still struggling with the symptoms.

Covid-19 did not leave me the same which is depressing.

Its a horrible disease.