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Jane’s Story

Published 26.08.20

My symptoms throughout have never had fit with what was required to get heard ( generally). I have never had a cough and although I’ve felt very hot and had chills my Recorded temperature has never been above 37.1. I think this maybe in common with many others. My symptoms have been headache, sore throat, chest pain, shortness of breath. Along with fast pulse, feeling lightheaded with muscle aches, fizzing In my arms and legs and tinnitus.

After a week with chest pain and shortness of breath I rang 111 who sent me to the Covid hub. As my oxygen saturation was ok they sent me home with instructions to rest. Rest I did with some good days some not so good. The nights were the worst and I felt very anxious. I seemed to improve by the end of April then my sore throat got worse with earache neck ache and fast pulse. I had an online consultation with a doctor from the Covid hub who gave me some antibiotics. My throat improved only to get worse again after 2 weeks.. in May I spoke to 2 GPs from my practice. She thought I had had Covid and gave me more antibiotics for my throat with minimum affect, another GP gave my an anti fungal and told me to gargle with salt water.

My sore throat continued along with chills and feeling hot. I slept poorly on some nights and my days were mixed. I decided to pay for an antibody test privately which was negative. This totally floored me I was at rock bottom mentally, physically so up and down. On good days I could go for a good walk on other days felt so bad and exhausted I could not go far. My family kept me going through June and July. I spoke to another GP who on hearing I was still feeling hot and cold with a sore throat advised me to get tested. I did on the 22nd July 4 months after I first fell ill. The test was negative, I had some blood tests that were ok but I still had a sore throat, muscle aches, chest pain and shortness of breath. Since being seen at he Covid hub no one had seen me face to face or looked at my throat.

By the beginning of August determined to be normal I saw my family in Edinburgh despite feeling unwell and being tired. In what seems to be the norm of long haul Covid I got bitten in the tail after this with worsening of symptoms once I got back home. The chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling fevered, tired and sore throat were worse than ever – I felt so fed up !

After a week thinking things would improve I rang the GP I finally got a face to face appointment. And a very thorough exam. Today I got more blood taken and an ECG, the doctor also took a throat swab. I felt listened to and felt happier. I will see what comes next. The doctor said I possibly have post viral fatigue. I know I have to balance activity and rest. I certainly can’t do what I did before. I was fit – walked a lot, cycled, did Pilates and yoga. I can do a bit of yoga on a good day and walk gently.

That’s it for now and I am improving. Got to keep focusing on each small achievement, it’s what keeps me going along with my lovely family