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Shona’s Story

Published 07.08.20

21/04/20 I had a tickle cough but I am an NHS phlebotomist and was in a mask all day, so thought nothing of it.

On 25th I had to go to A&E with severe chest pain like weight on me and hard to breath. I was tested 2 days later and test was positive.

I had on going chest tightness, difficulty breathing severe dehydration, headache, chills aching bones and muscles, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, which then went on to severe stomach pain and diarrhoea, unable to control my bowels.

Severe headaches pain in my fingers and toes so bad it makes me cry. Pain in my upper back, right shoulder, ribs and daily lung pain feeling like in in a bear hug I cant get out fatigue is constantly there and my brain fog now is so severe I struggle to find words at times, and also as I keep a diary( my hospital asked me to from my second visit by ambulance) my words look dyslexic I think?

When I write at times, the word is only the beginning and the end, the middle letters are not coming from my brain….I’m 103 days now of covid.

I feel in limbo with my life and work. I feel exhausted all the time and confused some days.

Update on Symptoms

I’m in my 108th day and in the past months, I have suffered from severe head and neck ache, buzzing in my head, tinnitus, back, lung, shoulder pain, my fingers and toes are so painful and crack loudly if I move them.

I suffer from extreme fatigue and only manage a few hours of movement every day, this can change within hours rather than days. Some days it feels like I can’t speak, get my words out. i know what I want to say but my brain is confused. My eyesight seems foggy some days. Also at times I’m unable to cope with loud noise or sudden noise.My legs feel so heavy like walking through thick mud. And my glands keep swelling up and seem to be affecting my throat. I have had blood tests and scans, also x rays but every one of my tests are showing nothing.

My days are usually 2 or 3 good days followed by 4 or 6 days of fatigue and illness.

Update 23.08.20

These last few weeks my symptoms are everything from ringing in my ears in the morning, severe finger joint pain and right shoulder pain with deep lung burning, my eyesight seems to have deteriorated too. The brain fog and sudden confusion hits me regularly and my fatigue spikes around mid morning.