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Sarah’s Story

Published 02/07/2020

About a week into lockdown in early April I began with a very annoying persistent throaty cough. Didn’t have a temp at that stage. In hindsight I was tired a lot, struggling to get up in the morning and needing to go to bed early but i put this down to juggling childcare and my work. At the same time I developed what I can only describe as a feeling of not getting enough air in my lungs – the kind of feeling I would normally get if I’d run too hard. But now it was happening just sat at my desk or on the sofa. This has not improved at all throughout the last 12 weeks. In mid May I developed a temp and was diagnosed with a chest infection. Two lots of different antibiotics didn’t shift the temp or chestiness but the temp eventually went away. The chestiness remains.

I have no idea whether I have had covid 19. My doctor seems to think it is very likely given I have never had chest or breathing problems before. But without an antibody test I don’t know. I have considered paying for a test just so I know know.

I can’t get through an online meeting without having to do some deep breathing techniques to try get enough air in. Sometimes it works. The doctor has now prescribed steroids and an inhaler to see if those improve things.