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Peter's Story

Peter’s Story

I first started with pains in my eyeballs as though they were severely bruised along with my skin being sore to touch on the 06.04.20, then my skin on my back felt like it was being torn off. The next symptom came with severe long headaches.

On the 8th April the fatigue was setting in with the other symptoms but i did not have the tell tale cough and didn’t feel as though i had a fever so i assumed it was just a cold. By this time a colleague at work had tested positive so i went for a test, i travelled 40 mile for the test and on the return journey i nearly passed out whilst driving that was the 09/04/20, once home i went to bed and did not see the rest of the day.

I had been informed that i would receive the result in 48 hours when in fact it took 7 days. I lost the taste and smell on the 09/04/20 so i knew i had the virus, from here it all went down hill i could not stay awake for more than 30 mins and didnt eat for days the headaches were constant as were the pains in my eyes but the breathing was ok and only once throughout the next 6 weeks did i have a slight fever. During that time my appetite had gone completely, no taste or smell, fatigue and feeling cold all the time. I had a sensation in the throat which i can only describe as the onset of a sore throat but never getting that far and my voice had changed. The taste and smell started to come back intermittently and gradually i could taste food, i became more alert after about 5 weeks but it was about 7 weeks in total before i felt back to normal.

My lasting symptoms are the headaches, ringing in my ears and the throat sensation which i still have to this day although the headaches are not as bad as they were.

I have an MRI on my head which came back as normal and the ringing in the ears and throat sensation have just been ignored by the medical profession, the ENT specialist basically put it down to age related issues after our telephone consultation – not even examined – thats the service they provide.

I am still suffering from constant ringing in both ears which i did not have before the virus and at least one bad headache a day with the voice change and throat sensation.