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For me, COVID-19 started with mild fatigue and a cough and by day ten I was severely fatigued and couldn’t get out of bed for days. I then improved a little but then dipped severely at about week 2 / 3 where SOB became severe to the point where it was hard to finish a sentence. At this point I still had a cough and severe fatigue.

Since then I have had many relapses and false dawns (but any remitting stage has still been difficult with moderate fatigue – I can get up and wash, but can only manage a few hours of anything per day).

I cycle between the following symptoms: severe headaches, sore stomach after eating, severe bloating, diarrhoea, stomach craps. Constant symptoms are: SOB (mild) and fatigue (either moderate or severe / totally debilitating). I had a few months of infrequent night sweats at the start as well as vivid nightmares with restless sleep.

I have learned that I get post exertional malaise and cannot walk for more than 5 minutes without causing a major relapse. Before COVID I was fit and healthy (apart from bouts of sinusitis, which I’m still getting) and ran 10 miles a week as well as regularly practicing ashtanga yoga.