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James's Story

James’s Story

Published 22.10.20

I’m a 59 year old male. I was fit a healthy and did not smoke or drink and could walk for 10 hours per day. I’ve done lots of extreme sports and would have say that I have good nerves. I have a black belt in martial arts and trained with world champion kick boxers. I’ve done plenty of scuba diving for 10 years. I also competed in motocross for 10 years and did a lot mountain biking. I also ski black runs.

I have a good education and I’m an engineer and fairly calm and logical. I kept a diary of what I have been through too.

I got pneumonia in January and was admitted to hospital and that was the start of the worst year of my life. The doctors have not taken me seriously and have accused me of having anxiety problems.

I was on crutches for several months after getting what I believe was Covid 19. I could hardly walk at all. My arm did not work properly.  My muscles had weird twitching and aches and pains and I had tingling all up one side of my body and stroke like symptoms. I thought that I was dying.

I slowly recovered but not completely and still have a lot of problems. This thing lets you know by knocking you right back down if you try too hard. It’s as if it has a vindictive sort of intelligence that teases you into thinking that you’re getting better.

I still suffer with insomnia, chronic fatigue and tingling and numb feet but have got over some of the nasty effects. Dont give up your fight.