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Published 11.11.20

I would like to share my story by sharing my diary notes from my experience having suspected Covid 19.

March 26th day one of symptoms, day started well but has the day went on I began to feel very unwell. No energy very fatigued with dreadful headache I have a constant dry cough and no smell, feeling very anxious.

March 27th contacted NHS111 was advised to isolate for seven days. Feeling very poorly temperature is up aching all over and coughing non stop. I’m scared.

April 4th day ten feeling terrible still, my back is so sore by my kidneys no energy temperature still high cough a little better. Fainted today feel awful.

April 6th day twelve. Had a visit from a lovely Doctor who arrived in full PPE at five o clock this morning. He was supposed to come yesterday but he has been busy all night. He reassured me I was probably over the worse and gave me some antibiotics for a probable secondary kidney infection. Temperature still high but chest ok. So drained will I ever get better?

April 14th day twenty feeling slightly better.

May 11th so tired and fatigued. My kidneys are sore my joints ache swallowing is a worry. Keep crying?

June 9th terrible night so much pain in my joints have a dreadful headache and my back and kidneys are sore. Doctor prescribed more antibiotics

June 29th collapsed feeling terrible. Doctor took bloods. So scared I have felt poorly since March.

July 3rd in hospital for the day something about my blood tests and my liver that is alarming my GP so was referred to the hospital. Liver readings were over 365 which is high. So tired my joints are so sore.

I still feel tearful and some days I get very low. Scared about getting poorly again I have tried so many natural supplements to help the constant pain in my joints like rose hip turmeric and green lipped muscle extract. Some days the pain is to sore to walk my dog. Other days I am so tired

I can hardly function.

I try and be optimistic but worry folk just don’t take this virus seriously.