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Esme's Story

Esme’s Story

My husband is a frontline health worker that was redeployed you work on hospital wards with Covid positive patients. He began to feel tired but put it down to exhaustion from working in a new way with very ill people. I started to feel unwell with viral symptoms on the 10th May. We got tested and received positive test results. We both had headaches, muscle aches, our skin felt uncomfortable and we were tired. Our children (ages 14,12 and 10) all experienced very mild symptoms, mainly a headache for a day.

After 10 days I began to feel better. Then on day 14 I developed chest pain, a fast heart rate and shortness of breath. I contacted my GP who arranged an appointment at our local Covid centre. They examined me and called 999 as my heart rate was 169 bpm and my blood pressure was low. I was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with pericarditis secondary to Covid. After being home for a week I went back into hospital overnight as my heart rate was still high.

Since then I have developed severe fatigue, brain fog, palpatations, gastrointestinal unset, changes to Periods, acne, eye infections and skin rashes.

I am unable to work as a physiotherapist, have had to postpone finishing my MSc and find normal family life exhausting.

My GP has been very supportive and has listened to my symptom list and concerns. I have had blood tests which showed low Vit B12 and folate and I have had a course of injections to replace the B12 and am taking folic acid.