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Long Covid Community Research Published – Exploring Invisibility and Epistemic Injustice in Long Covid

Sheffield Hospitals Charity

We’ve been meaning to share our research that has now been published and we wanted to share this with you, as everyone that contributed a story to this website has played a role in making this research happen. The title of our research is Exploring Invisibility and Epistemic Injustice in Long Covid, which we believe encapsulates much of the sentiment expressed in many of the stories we had submitted.

We know that our research is just one piece of a complex puzzle that will help us all gain a deeper and better understanding of the impact of Long Covid on patients, society as a whole and the service delivery that sits around global health delivery.

The research has been published with the support of Sheffield Hospitals Charity, that we were very glad to receive and make this happen. You can read the research paper here:

Exploring Invisibility and Epistemic Injustice in Long Covid

We’d like to thank the other research groups and patient support networks that contributed and continue to contribute to the support of individuals and organisations as they deal with the impact of Long Covid.

We hope that we’ll continue to explore the stories and data that have been collated on this website in the future to provide further insight and experience. And in that insight and experience, help provide better understanding of patient and organisational needs during scenarios such as one that we all witnessed with the Covid pandemic, that still continues today.

We continue to recognise and promote the role and importance of patient submitted experiences of illness, and the accounts from those patients of the service delivery that is provided to support patients during their treatment and recovery.

Thank you.